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MAGE POWERTEC® Plus - Solar Benefits that Shine

When you decide to go solar, you'll sleep better knowing you've made the enlightened choice that helps to preserve the environment and leaves a cleaner world for your children. Better yet, you'll applaud your sound financial decision every month when your lower utility bills arrive. You'll reduce the amount of energy you purchase from your utility, lower your electricity costs every day, and provide a measure of protection against future utility rate increases. Who says daylight savings only lasts six months a year?

The Brilliant Benefits of Solar:

  • Save money every month by lowering your electric bills
  • Save money on your system purchase with state tax credits (or rebates) and federal tax credits
  • Utilize free energy from the sun to reduce the effect of utility rate increases
  • Enjoy energy independence by becoming your own power producer *Protect the environment by using clean, renewable energy in your home.

Click here to learn more about MAGE POWERTEC® Plus.

Solar PV Collectors

A Custom System Designed with Your Needs in Mind.

Our MAGE POWERTEC® Plus solar system is customized specifically for your needs. We manufacture a complete line of solar modules in a range of power output levels. Your independent MAGE POWERTEC Plus Certified Installer will help you determine the ideal system based on your power needs, and design a rooftop configuration that provides clear, unobstructed access to the sun while ensuring a clean, stylish appearance. Learn more MAGE POWERTEC® Plus.


Image:  Solar rackingOur Solar Racking System is designed for faster, easier installations. The latest innovation in solar installations is here. The Solar Racking System vastly improves the speed and ease of your installations with several smart features available. Our exclusive SRS uses a simplified, flexible mounting system and other unique features to improve both the speed of installation and aesthetics. And, you can easily configure each system online and have it delivered to you at once.

The SolarEdge Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Plants

Image: Sunny Boy Inverter

SolarEdge provides groundbreaking distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. Our solution maximizes power generation of residential and large-scale PV systems, for faster return on investment. Learn more about SolarEdge Inverters and power harvesting products.


eMonitor - Home Energy Intelligence for Everyone

The eMonitor enables homeowners to monitor and manage all uses and sources of energy in their homes from a single interface.

eMonitor Energy Intelligence

Unlike most PV monitoring systems, the eMonitor is designed from the outset to help you better understand your overall energy usage and find ways to save. This makes the eMonitor a powerful tool to help you manage your energy production and consumption. Learn more about the eMonitor.


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